Friday, June 17, 2016

Town Ridge Road, County Route 36, Norfolk NY - Part 2

I continued my driving tour of Town Ridge Road, stopping to snap a picture of this wonderful old shed next to a matching, weathered old barn:

And this antique tractor, apparently still in active service, and wagon:

This beautiful old farm house with its full width front porch and barn made for one of the most attractive farms I've seen in a long time:

Another old barn:

And a farm house, set off the road, with a bright red roof:

Modern farm equipment:

And antique farm equipment:

Another old barn or shed:

As you can see, this was real farm country. The fields were broad and flat, giving me the idea that this was part of the St. Lawrence River flood plain and the soil was not only flat, but rich:

At the end of the road sat this old farm house. I snapped a photo, put my camera away and concentrated on finding my way home:

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