Saturday, June 25, 2016

Modern Day Kitsch In Small Town America - Part 2

I reached the halfway point in my tour of the front lawn of Martin's Greenhouse in Winthrop, New York (see also Part 1, posted yesterday). I encountered this rearing horse, another swan and - - well, I wasn't sure what that circle with the golden horse head was. There were quite a number of American flags on display:

A small buck:

Another statue of the Virgin Mary, this one on the reverse side of a soldiers' monument:

A three story house for Purple Martins, though I saw no birds using it:

There were a number of these small shelters, ideal for people to rest and have lunch:

And another giant clock with an eagle, a stone monument, giant urns full of flowers and a Polar Bear, holding an American flag:

A giant, concrete Uncle Sam (who, by the way, was from Troy, NY):

The front side of the soldiers' memorial:

I noticed that the mystery disc I saw before (which had a gold horse head on it) was the back side of the big clock by the rearing horse:

Another saint and a message about making friends:

I ended my walking tour where I'd begun, by the elaborate barn with the stained glass barn windows and 200 year old clock:

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