Sunday, June 26, 2016

Small Town Charm

I left my walking tour of the lawn display at Martin's Greenhouse (previous two posts) and began driving State Route 11C between Winthrop and Brasher Falls, New York. The houses were lovely and the general aura was of an incredibly pleasant place to live, so I snapped a few pictures:

Nearly all the houses had wonderful front porches. Even brand new homes in these parts usually have porches:

And there were American flags, trees and flowers everywhere:

Many homes were quite large and many had old carriage houses out behind them:

This home had flowers, front porch, trees and carriage house:

A big house with a turret. If I remember correctly, it also sat on the banks of the St. Regis River:

A wrap-around porch with chairs for sitting and chatting:

Two rocking chairs on this porch:

A lovely home, again with an extensive porch:

Elaborate ornamentation with an impressive barn out back:

See what I mean about front porches? What's not to like?:

The last house of this series was in wonderful condition. Its porch was smaller, but still big enough for small town afternoons and evenings:

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