Sunday, June 19, 2016

My Eastern Oregon Roots - Cowboys And Farmers

I recently came across some beloved old photos of my mother's family. They originally settled in central to eastern Oregon, where most of these photos were taken. This was the man who became my grandfather. He was 24 when the photo was taken but lived to be 87:

The boy on the left is again my grandfather, and the girl is his older sister, Edythe. The picture was taken by a traveling photographer in 1895:

The extended family. The only two I knew were the man on the right, again my grandfather, and the woman holding the reins, my grandmother. This was taken near Fox Valley, Oregon in 1913:

Lillie Shanks Moore and Connor Oliver Moore, my great grandparents, in 1897. The traveling photographer took photos in a tent, which is why you can see grass at their feet:

Circa 1898, left to right: Gladys Bessie Moore (my grandmother) at 6 years old, her brother Claude Moore at 2 years old, and her sister Inez Moore at 4 years old:

My maternal grandparents in 1910: Gladys Bessie Jenkins (nee Moore) and Charles Amos Jenkins, with their first born, John:

Gladys Bessie Moore again, this time in 1908, one year before she got married. She had ridden down to town on a horse to have the traveling photographer take her picture and was quite upset that her dress was wrinkled and her hair mussed from the horse ride:

A comparatively recent photo, this one from 1934. Gladys Viola Jenkins (my mother), her younger brother, Claude, and a neighbor:

Pleasant Hill School in Mt. Vernon, Oregon about 1914. The school was way up in the hills and two of my mother's older siblings went to school there before the family moved to another town:

The Fox Valley, Oregon, Sunday School in 1909. My grandmother went to church there:

Zella Viola Jenkins, my maternal grandfather's younger sister in 1895. She died in the great Heppner, Oregon flood of 1903. You can read about the flood here. My grandfather was out of town on that day because he was on a date with the woman who became his wife and my grandmother:


  1. I love old pictures and especially your stories that went along with them!

    1. Thanks. I love them also, and especially so when they are old pictures I knew, my relatives.