Monday, June 20, 2016

Blue And Remy, Miniature Horses

The cows have occasionally moved across the road to the north field but Remy and Blue have stayed in the south field and had access to the barn. This is Remy, grazing:

Blue, grazing:

They have continued to get a bit of grain twice each day, fed in separate stalls. The stalls are locked to keep them from fighting but one day they didn't come in and I had to go tend to the cattle, so I left a bowl of grain in each stall. When I returned, I was happy to see that they were peacefully eating their grain but amused to see that they'd switched stalls. I assumed that, like dogs and humans, they figured the other one's grain was much better than their own:

At the end of each grain feeding, I give them a few minutes to clean up spilled grain. Then I move in and sweep up what remains in an effort to thwart the mouse population:

I'm used to it now, but I frequently have entered the barn and found what looked like a dead horse. Of course it's only Remy, living his life of leisure:

When I emptied the stock tank and scrubbed it out, Remy and Blue were right there to "help." They sneaked up behind me to surprise me, grabbed tools I was foolish enough to leave on the ground and pranced through the water, splashing like two toddlers:

Since it was hot and they seemed to like water so much, I sprayed them with the hose a few times. They seemed to think it was fun, but Remy rolled in the dirt afterwards. It appears to be great fun for him. Just look at his smile!:

He rolls immediately after I mist him with fly spray too. He likes getting sprayed, but then rolls on the ground afterward. Blue does not like the fly spray and simply runs away - just as the cows do:

It's clear to me that the little horses love their cows. They ran to great them when I moved them back into the south field. Blue ran right up to Rosella and then stepped on the brakes. They all do get along well:

Swallowtail Butterflies were everywhere one day and Blue made friends with this one. I thought he might try to eat it, but apparently he just wanted to be "neigh-borly:"

The two little guys haven't played with their Jolly-Ball much, but one day they decided to do so:

They had a grand time, and I was happy to be there to get a couple of photos:

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