Saturday, June 4, 2016

How About A Walk Down Memory Lane?

I recently scanned some old photos from my childhood and began passing them around. They were such a hit that I decided to put some of them into a blog post. Of course they remind me how very old I've gotten, but they also remind me of innocent times. I had Mrs. Justus for both first and third grades. My father thought she was beautiful and teased me about having a crush on her. She was beautiful, wasn't she?:

 Nothing is more fun than a big, empty box! My sister and I certainly enjoyed it. This was 1952, meaning that I was four and she was two:

 My father and me in front of our house in Brooklyn, Ohio. It was 1951, and I was three years old:

 My sister and me once again, this time in our mom's chair, about 1951:

 In footie pajamas once again, this time about 1958:

This photo of Christmas morning 1958 became one of our favorites, and my sister pointed out details I had missed. The box behind me which says "Water Tower" was a gift to me for my model railroad. My sister got the tin baby buggy she's playing with. The cardboard manger scene with plaster figures was used throughout our childhoods. Atop that table above my sister are bags of popcorn balls or caramel corn, sent to us from our grandmother's popcorn wagon in Oregon (see old posts here):

An earlier Christmas, this one about  1952:

 Now for some real early photos. This young lad was me at one year old, 1949, already showing a love for animals - stuffed or otherwise:

 Me in front of our home in Brooklyn, Ohio. It was 1953 and I was four years old:

 One year old, 1949:

We used to drive across the country every other summer to visit our relatives in Oregon. When we got home from this trip, we collected our souvenirs into what we called our "Museum." The wooden rocking horse head, the cow bone, the skull, the Civil War military training manual and the double whippletree were from our mother's family's abandoned farm home in the dry lands of eastern Oregon:

 Playing cowboy again, this time in our basement, about 1956:

With our beloved and very patient Scottie dog, Whiskers, about 1954. Our old black and white Zenith TV behind us, the set to which we rushed so we could kiss the screen when the face of Howdy Doody or Mickey Mouse came on:


  1. Patsy from Pauma ValleyJune 4, 2016 at 3:11 AM

    Thanks, Bill, for the delightful family visit. You two kids were beautifully cared for - clothed and fed, with wonderful treats under the tree. A very happy childhood - a great base for your future life. You may have started out with stuffed animals, but now it's the real thing - way bigger than you are I wonder where the Red Polls place you in their family? Wonderful "dad" and great provider!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I too wonder how the Red Polls regard me. It seems to vary with the individual. One or two seem to feel some affection, but the others, I think, just consider me a kindly, safe source of food.