Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Around The Farm

The pigeons got a double tub bath. It's fun to watch them splash and play:

They continued to be shy about going outdoors, but sometimes just can't resist:

The chickens continued to roam the property. Under the giant Mock Orange bush was always a favorite place:

And occasional forays into the cows' pasture for bugs and dropped grain:

Sunning themselves in the Iris bed:

They have always enjoyed being in the middle of whatever is going on:

Alas, I began losing chickens. First one hen disappeared and then, eight days later, another hen plus the rooster disappeared. I found no telltale pile of feathers but some predator must have eaten them. I began locking the pigeons and the remaining chickens indoors all day. They don't like it, but I hope whatever predator has been after them will give up after a week or so and go elsewhere. It worked last year with the fox:

The big excitement in these parts was the painting of new stripes on the county road. Most places, that would not be worth a photo, but here it was an occasion:

Tiger Swallowtails hatched all at once and began to brighten the property:

They are beautiful butterflies. The Giant Swallowtails, if I have any this year, hatch later:

The Mock Orange began blooming in mid-June:

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