Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Walk In The Walter F Pratt Forest - Part 1

We'd suffered through a spell of hot weather and then one morning the temperature dropped and delightful breezes were blowing. I took the dogs back to the Walter F Pratt Forest, a part of Brasher State Forest which is designed for camping and picnicking. No one else was there, so I let the dogs out to run:

The dogs ran while I looked at the local flora - these Canada Mayflowers, for instance:

And Wild Strawberries:

Then I followed the dogs down to the edge of the reservoir:

Fergus checked out the cattails but decided not to go in, at least not there:

Jack just ran continuously, huffing and puffing like a little orange steam engine:

Daphne was the first to go into the water:

But she didn't stay long:

"That water was cold, Dad!"

Then we began walking onto the peninsula which juts out into the water:

Judging by the dogs' interest, there must have been a lot of fascinating smells:

Down at the end of the peninsula was a tiny sand beach and Daphne went into the water once again. But there's a Part 2 to this story, and I'll post it tomorrow:

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