Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Big Cows, Little Horses, Lots Of Buttercups

It was a quiet but lovely day with lots of breezes and clouds rushing across the sky. The cattle and horses were in the south field, grazing amidst the Buttercups and I sensed a photo opportunity. So out I walked with my camera:

The cows and Blue ignored me, but Remy came running. I had to push him away. He's been getting a little fresh lately and I'm hoping gelding will improve that:

Blue wasn't feeling very chummy but he sure was pretty, surrounded by all that green and yellow:

"Are you talkin' 'bout ME?"

Remy paused to nibble more grass:

And then came closer for a portrait shot while his mane blew in the wind:

Blue wouldn't even let me pet him. That's unusual, but I suppose we all have days when we just don't want to be bothered:

So I lingered, snapping pictures of the two little guys:

They are, after all, quite photogenic:

I walked over to the cows, who were mostly ignoring me as they filled their bellies with green grass:

It was a pretty sight, a bit of pastoral loveliness:

The little horses came over to join us, but I'd taken enough photos and began walking back to the house:

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