Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dogs And Cats At Home

Now that hot weather is here, I'm careful to be sure the dogs have shade if I'm going to leave them outside for more than a minute or two. They get shade from the barn in the morning and from the house in the afternoon, but there's a couple of hours in between without any. I took this picture because Daphne was inside the dog house (though not because she was hot). Former tenants left the dog house here and my dogs have until now refused to use it:

Daphne, Jack, Clover and Bramble - all curled up together on one floor pillow:

I tied feathers (I have plenty of them from pigeons and chickens) on a string and used it to engage Draco and Bramble in play. Bramble has continued to hunt down the "feather monster" and drag it to the floor, no matter where I hide it. For the record, neither Rocky nor Georgette found the feather toy interesting at all:

A bright and beautiful morning in the country:

All five dogs in their yard:

Draco, Clover and Bramble relaxing together in the kitchen:

Jack began peeing (and occasionally pooping) in the house again. Then Fergus started also. I couldn't tell who did what, so I started putting belly bands on Jack and they worked a miracle. I've ordered some which will fit Fergus also:

Georgette, after a hard night of.............................well, sleeping:

The dogs, hoping I'm making their dinner:

Daphne and Clover:

Georgette again. Not only does she position herself for photos and then hold still, but her color photographs well. I've tried many times to photograph Rocky, but his black and white color seldom results in usable pictures:

"It's me again, ready for the camera:"

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