Friday, June 24, 2016

Modern Day Kitsch In Small Town America - Part 1

Winthrop, New York is an upstate settlement on the St. Regis River, but neither a town nor a village. In 2010 it had a population of 510. But it does have a Post Office, a feed store, a furniture store, a funeral parlor, a convenience store and a dentist's office. It also has a greenhouse with an amazing front lawn display:

This, I am told, is the home of the owner of all you are about to see. The house itself is imposing and elaborate. The historical marker out front states that in 1816, this was the site of the oldest running tower clock in the state:

The 200 year old clock now graces the front of the owner's barn, the same barn with the canon and stained glass windows. If you'd like to know a bit more about the clock, click here:

I began walking across the lawn for a closer look at the large ornaments installed there. There was a giant planter:

A German Shepherd and a saint:

A swan with lots of Petunias:

And a giant stained glass window, held erect on a stone foundation. I was told that the owner was an antique dealer, so this window was probably salvaged from a defunct church. I think much (perhaps all) of what was displayed here had similar origins:

This, perhaps, was the Virgin Mary. Her umbrella/awning hung from a chain and swayed in the wind:

I'm not sure what this was, but it was big, impressive and gold colored:

Even bigger was this silvery globe:

Out behind this front lawn were the owner's greenhouses. I think he has a retail business although there is no sign out front to entice customers. But there was still much more to see, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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