Friday, July 1, 2016

Canton Countryside

I had to drive to Ogdensburg, New York to have my braces adjusted. It's an hour and a half each way, but my appointment went so well that I left in a good mood and decided to do a bit of touring on a few country roads on my way home. I think they were all within the township of Canton:

This was beautiful farm country and these colorful cattle looked happy and healthy:

The farm houses looked old but prosperous:

The farms and barns were scenic, good enough for a calendar or postcard:

A curious doe stopped to watch me, and I watched her right back:

There were hay fields all along the road and looked about ready to cut:

This lovely old barn was in excellent shape:

Most of the barns seemed to be well cared for and in active service:

This old barn had be re-purposed as a garage:

As I approached the end of one road, I saw this abandoned, low-rise barn, perhaps a former chicken coop, off in the woods:

I also stopped at the Grass (also often spelled Grasse) River fishing access site:

And the Grass River was every bit as scenic as I'd hoped:

I followed a dirt road along the river's edge for more beautiful views:

But of course I had to get home, so I put my camera away and got back on the main road. I had to make one more stop, though, at this giant, painted rock at the edge of a farm field. At least six feet high, it had been decorated to amuse passersby, probably by State University (SUNY) students. The entrance to the campus was directly across the road:

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