Saturday, July 16, 2016

Miniature Horses

Blue looked cute as he grazed in the south field:

They won't eat Buttercups so they proliferate. They are pretty flowers to look at, though:

Both horses are fond of the cows, though I'm not sure the feeling is mutual - except for Rosella. She likes the little equines:

When the neighbor delivered a trailer full of grass clippings, the cows gobbled them all up and refused to let the horses have any. That's a good thing, for grass clippings are safer for cows (because they're ruminants) than for horses:

Inside the barn, Blue tried on a fright wig made of hay:

And then Remy tried one on. By the way, I think Remy is built so he can pee around corners:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

But then all the animals got moved across the road to the north field:

There was plenty to eat and Remy enjoyed running through the tall grass:

Blue smelled the Milkweeds:

Both horses got a small bowl of grain twice a day:

Blue is fiercely protective of his food bowl and Remy has learned to stay away from those rear hooves. He was not as close as it appears in this photo:

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