Friday, July 8, 2016

Little Horses, Big Cows

There have been no calves born recently so all has been relaxed and quiet, a pleasant summer of grazing for both the cows and the horses:

Blue and Remy, the two miniature horses, have spent a lot of time inside the barn. I often think about locking them outside but they get to cool off and escape the flies by going into the barn. Besides, they look so comfortable and happy inside:

They also like to spend time out in the field, grazing peacefully or playing:

They make a pretty pair of pasture pets:

I still give them small amounts of grain twice each day and I still separate them into separate stalls to keep them from fighting over the grain. Like people and dogs, each horse is convinced the other one got all the good stuff and they want it!:

They both usually stand and begin stretching when I enter the barn:

The cows roam far, in this case all the way to the big stone pile at the south end of the field:

But they always save time for napping and cud chewing:

Violet, looking pretty amidst the Buttercups:

The Red Poll girls are now so relaxed when I walk up to them that they usually don't even stand up. I still don't know if they are all pregnant or not but will just have to wait to find out:

Amy, who lost her calf this year, is recovering nicely and I will need to have her bred again soon:

Scarlett, my most productive cow for producing calves, does indeed seem to be pregnant again:


  1. "a pretty pair of pasture pets" - your alliteration made me smile, but then, your lovely pastoral scenes do too, Bill, like Violet in the Buttercups. I always enjoy your idyllic updates of your world and the rare shot of you on a happy walk with the dogs :)