Monday, July 25, 2016

Hopkinton, New York Town Museum - Part 2

I was touring the Hopkinton town museum on a rainy Saturday (see also Part 1, posted yesterday) and had just finished the first floor. I walked upstairs and began in the military room. There were old uniforms, awards, banners, photos, flags and this model airplane. The lighting was bad, though, and this was the only photo from the military room which was usable:

They had an old typewriter and once again I realized that I've become old enough to have used some of the items which are now museum pieces:

The bedroom was typical for the 1800s, including bedpans, long johns and nightshirts, and reminded me of my grandmother's bedroom:

One wall had additional artifacts and some children's clothing:

A baby's crib, dolls and nightclothes:

Yes, this reminded me very much of my grandmother's bedroom:

Another upstairs room had been furnished as an old time schoolroom, complete with desks, globe and picture of George Washington:

I returned downstairs and went to the kitchen to photograph the old fashioned wood stove, once again an item I have used in my childhood:

  A cabinet which perhaps would be called a Hoosier:

The attendant took me out to the Museum Annex which was filled with old tools from around the farm and house:

A fanning mill for grain, a mold for making concrete block, snowshoes, corn planter, scythes, barrels and Adirondack pack baskets:

And a fire department pumper, made in 1897 and used in this town until 1927:

All kinds of tools;

Two old fashioned washing machines, a wringer and logging saws. There was one more building to see but the light was too dim for photography. So I thanked my host and headed for home:

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