Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sheldon Road Multi-Use Trail - Part 2

The dogs and I were investigating a newly constructed multi-use trail off of Sheldon Road and had just entered a forest of saplings (see also Part 1, posted yesterday):

But the sapling forest wasn't big and soon we emerged into a sunny corn field. The trail continued on to the left of the field and would have taken us all the way to the state highway and beyond, but I saw no reason to continue, only to backtrack to return to our car:

I knew that this trail had formerly been a snowmobile shortcut for locals, enabling them to avoid traveling on the roads, and continue on after crossing the highway, all the way to the Catherineville State Forest:

But on this day, thoughts of winter snow were far away. On this day it was hot and buggy - and I was having trouble walking in my leg braces, so we began making our way back to the car:

It was a pleasant walk and the dogs by then had slowed down a bit:

They continued to sniff and explore, but everything was more subdued:

In fact, I'd say my five pooches were downright well behaved now that they'd used up their excess energy and enthusiasm:

It was a short but pleasant journey:

The sun was hot and bright wherever it broke through the canopy of the trees:

And soon we were back at the car. This trail was short but pleasant. I doubt, however, that we'll be back because there is an entire State Forest just a mile up the road, with a multitude of trails to choose from:

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