Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Happy Dogs In The Fort Jackson State Forest - Part 3

The dogs and I made it safely back up to the lane on which we'd walked to explore the forest and then we turned back toward where we'd begun:

We walked on typical Adirondack sandy soil with White Pine and Red Pine growing everywhere:

And the dogs continued to have a wonderful time:

Jack rolled in something and I tried to photograph him, but caught him as he was just standing back up:

A scenic yet easy walk such as this, less than four miles from home - what's not to like?

As is usually the case, the dogs were less excitable on the way back and easier to keep close to me:

This is a wonderful life for dogs, even little house dogs like mine:

Along the edge of the lane were saplings of the type which often are Balsam Firs, but in this case they all appeared to be pines:

This lane was broad and level enough to drive on but I know from sad experience that driving on sand can lead to expensive, time consuming and embarrassing AAA calls:

Daphne and Clover seemed to be slowing down:

We were almost back to where we'd begun:

And there was our little red car, parked .8 miles into the forest. The dogs broke into a run and I didn't try to stop them. After all, we had the entire State Forest to ourselves:

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