Sunday, July 31, 2016

Midsummer Pets

Bramble seems to have mellowed since Draco, his old buddy, died. He's certainly become more affectionate to me and suddenly, in his older years, seeks attention:

I found a big patch of wild Catnip growing by the barn and brought in an armful. I left big chunks of it downstairs by the dog food bin and upstairs by the cat trees. My cats enjoyed it but in their mature, quiet way. They are dignified, older citizens and not wild-eyed stoner cats:

Daphne, as you can see, is not ashamed to be seen with Fergus wearing his belly-band:

Clover, Fergus, Jack and Daphne on the ramp which leads into their fenced yard. It's a favorite resting place for them but there wasn't much shade on this day:

Seamus lay in the tall grass by the fence but he too missed out on getting any shade. I'm careful not to leave them outside very long when it's too hot or when there isn't much shade:

Seamus seemed to be wondering why Georgette is allowed on the table but he is not:

Comfortable summer afternoons while I'm out doing chores:

Daphne, Clover and Bramble sharing the wealth of doggie beds:

Daphne in the kitchen, probably wondering if I'm going to give her something to eat:

"Did I hear the words, 'Something to eat?' Move over, Daphne, and let a big boy do the begging:"

"Why does Dad take so long to climb up the stairs?"

Fergus and Seamus watched me as I worked around the barn:

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