Saturday, July 30, 2016

Madawaska Pond - Part 3

The dogs and I turned back before reaching the dam because my ankles were becoming increasingly painful. It had been a wonderful walk through spectacular scenery and I didn't want it to end on an unhappy note:

We reached the overlook over Madawaska Pond again, always a beautiful sight:

The dogs went into the water once again and little Clover rolled in the sand to dry off:

As for Seamus, he just wanted to lie down and rest while I again dumped the sand and pine needles out of my shoes and braces:

But we were back on the trail in short order. At one point I heard what sounded like a Black Bear "chuffing." I called the dogs to heel and prepared to turn around. I made lots of noise so as not to surprise a bear, and either it worked or there never was one there in the first place because we continued on our way without incident:

And a lovely way it was:

We stopped by the water's edge one more time so the dogs could refresh themselves:

Jack fell in face first but it didn't seem to phase him one bit:

As for me, I found part of a beaver's jaw with one long incisor. I debated what other animal it might be but it seemed pretty darn obvious to me that it was a beaver:

One last look back over Madawaska Pond and all its flowering water lilies:

It was a wonderful hike, short and easy walking like I need them to be these days. I was happy:

The dogs were tired and went to sleep once we were on our way home. It was a good day to be a dog:

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