Friday, October 31, 2014

Autumn Drive In The Countryside - Part 2

It was such a beautiful autumn day that I decided to take a photographic driving tour (see also Part 1, posted yesterday). This lovely home and split rail fence was certainly scenic:

And this recently mowed hay field, backed up by some of the reddest, most colorful trees I'd seen:

An old barn, all fixed up and in active use:

And a red wagon parked beneath apple trees, still sporting red fruit in their upper branches:

A farm selling lots of pumpkins and with a full hay wagon just outside the barn:

I saw these trees arching around the electric/phone wires from a long way off. It looked almost like a giant heart from a distance, and still looked graceful when I got closer:

The Willis Cemetery:

And at the next intersection, an old general store which has been vacant for many decades:

More autumn color behind hay fields:

And finally, back to my house. I went inside the barn and looked out through the pigeons' window, where two birds were resting on their tree branch and the top of my cedar tree was lit up by the sun, turning golden:

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