Sunday, October 19, 2014

An Autumn Walk In The North Hay Field

We were having a gorgeous autumn afternoon but I was lacking ambition. I decided, by way of compromise, to turn off the electric fence and take the dogs for a romp in the north hay field. They thought that was a fine idea:

I noticed that the grass there was still rather tall, so I might put the cattle back in that field again before winter arrives:

With the dogs on green grass and autumn leaves in the background, the picture taking was superb:

Fergus and Clover ran ahead to sniff at some mystery object:

And then all the dogs ran ahead to explore the fence and woods. I was glad I turned off the electric fence before we began this walk:

We circled around toward the western edge of the field:

The leaves were not of the brilliant scarlet and yellow type I saw last weekend, but the colors of russet, brass and brick - still altogether pleasant, just different:

Seamus marched ahead to see what he could see:

This was a great deal of fun for the dogs and very good for me. What a beautiful day!:

At the western border of the field, I caught a glimpse of a neighbor's farm across the road:

And soon we could see our own barn:

We arrived at the dirt road which separates my two fields, and stopped long enough to enjoy the beauty of it all. Then I returned the dogs to their fenced yard, closed the gate to the north field and turned the electric fence back on:

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