Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Busy Two Day Visit

My sister visited for two days this year and both days saw a lot of rain. So we decided to do some indoor activities, such as visit the St. Lawrence County Museum in Canton, New York. We began in the John Rushton room. Mr. Rushton built "The Stradivarius Of Canoes" in Canton from 1875 to 1906:

And the museum included the Silas Wright House. He was a governor and senator in the early 1800s:

It was interesting to see how the wealthy lived in the early 1800s:

Upstairs, I remembered from my previous visit, was an entire room filled with hand sewn quilts from the 1800s:

When we left the museum, we took a brief driving tour of the incredibly pleasant village of Canton and then to Days Mill Road in Nicholville. It was there that the rain ended and we saw this lovely rainbow:

It was one of the broadest rainbows I've ever seen, and arching over the autumn leaves added to the dramatic effect:

We also wrestled no-longer-so-little Rosella, tying her between two posts and putting an ID tag in her ear. I took this photo just after we'd finished and Rosella was still a little dazed, wondering what had just happened:

And we checked out the two day old fantail pigeon:

Here's a close-up. Truly a face which only a mother could love:

We fed apples to the cows:

And we took this photo of the St. Regis River in Nicholville:

The next morning, I went out to do the chores and found the eastern sky lit up with pink and gold. Vees of geese honked by overhead. We were planning a hike for day two, but I'll post about that tomorrow:

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