Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Autumn Color On Route 56 Between Colton And Sevey Corners

Our cold, wet spell of weather finally went away and we entered into a sunny, warm period. I took the dogs southward, down State Route 56, to three short trails I'd read about. But on the way, I was impressed with the autumn beauty all along the road and decided to take some pictures:

I turned south on Route 56 at the town of Colton, and quite soon noticed the brilliant display all around me:

This was a favorite of mine - a green, grassy hillside surrounded by colorful trees and with a river at road level:

Stripes and spots of color stood out like flames amidst the usual green of the hillsides:

With the great variety of colors, putting me in mind of fireworks or confetti:

These tall, red trees were distinctive:

Autumn glory, reaching for the sky:

I imagined hearing the 1812 Overture in the background:

A more placid, serene scene along a pond:

The forests here are extensive:

Back behind a marsh, the autumn color was beginning to take over:

And this broad marsh was backed by autumn color. But it was time for me to find the first trail head, and I'll post about that tomorrow:

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