Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Short Trail To Moody Falls - Part 1

Our first short hike was to be the trail to Moody Falls, on the Raquette River. I had a bit of trouble locating the trail head, but once I had done so, we were on our way:

The trail was marked as a canoe carry. Cars with canoes could travel this part of the trail, but could only park back by the road. Yet the trail was short and easy, and we were happy to be walking it:

I stopped at the sight of what I thought was a long, skinny worm. But of course it turned out to be a Ringneck Snake, only about 6" long:

This giant rock marked the beginning of the trail where only foot traffic was allowed:

I set Daphne up on top of the big rock for a picture. She looked embarrassed:

And then we began hiking down toward the river:

The autumn leaves had turned colorful here too, and brilliant foliage was all around us:

We hadn't gone very far when I spotted the magnificent Raquette River. The dogs ran right down to the water's edge:

We explored around the shoreline for a bit:

I could see no waterfall, however. But I've learned from experience that what I would call rapids are often called waterfalls here. The water was very low on that day, so I imagined that big, flat rock jutting out into the river might actually be the cause of the "waterfall" in high water periods:

But that big, flat rock was for us a highway out into the river. Clover led the way:

Seamus and Fergus were so busy examining all the details along the way that they brought up the rear. But there was still more to see, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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