Friday, October 10, 2014

The Short Trail To Moody Falls - Part 2

We'd arrived at the Raquette River and discovered that there wasn't really a Moody "Falls." But the beauty was so great that I wasn't disappointed:
The dogs and I walked out onto a broad, flat rock which jutted out into the middle of the river and, I suspected, was the cause of the "falls" during high water periods:

I looked upstream and decided we'd need to go investigate in that direction:

The dogs were having a grand time checking out the rock and water:

Clover, usually not a water dog at all, even went in - though not very far:

I gave the dogs a call and they ran right past me and back to the riverbank:

We hiked a small trail which took us downstream:

It was interesting, but never really gave us any more access to the river:

Yet the dogs had lots of fun:

Yes, we did - lots of fun:

But that was all there was. We hiked back toward the trail head:

And soon saw our parked car ahead. This had been an exceedingly short hike, but there were two more trails only one mile away. I'll post more about that tomorrow:


  1. If you had walked downstream just a little farther, you would have seen Moody Falls (Yes it is real, and it is spectacular). The falls are just around the bend from where you were. Definitely worth a return visit. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

    1. Thanks. I'll certainly give it another look the next time I go by.