Thursday, October 2, 2014

Photos From Around The Farm

Now that October is here, I thought it was time for some photos from around the farm. The Wild Cucumber vines, which blossomed so extravagantly, are now sporting hollow seed pods:

I walked out into the north hay field to take this shot of the barn and farm house:

One pair of Fantail Pigeons has had three nests since I got them:

And their third nest contained two babies:

There are now four pigeons going outside to explore, pick at grass and gravel, and to exercise their wings:

Two of them have even made it to the top of the barn:

New England Asters are blooming all along the ditches beside every road:

And my little hens are keeping the yard free of insects:

These bantams roam free every day and the five babies have been integrated into the main flock. Even the two roosters have not been a problem - yet:

I was able to buy 18 bales of hay from this field, just down the road from me:

It was a very late cut, but the hay looked good. In fact, it looked much better than the hay from my own fields (less weeds):

The hay was delivered, leaving me with 47 bales to get the cattle through the winter. I still have 100 small, square bales coming for bedding hay. These cattle are getting expensive:

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