Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hiking The Long Pond Canoe Carry - Part 2

We'd hiked the Long Pond Canoe Carry trail as far as Long Pond and then turned back toward our parked car, waiting for us at the trail head. The Adirondack forest all around us was unspoiled and beautiful:

I had to watch out for black bears, who might stick their heads up out of the greenery at any moment:

Fergus and Clover generally led the way. In fact, they were not so well behaved as they had been on the previous trail and I had to keep calling them back to me:

Clover loves to climb up on things and look around:

We passed back across the beaver marsh, with the dam and pond just off to our right:

And then we were again in the deep forest:

There had been a side trail to a small, unnamed pond which we hadn't taken previously, so this time we turned downhill toward the water, just to see what was there:

And it was well worth the walk - a lovely pond which I guessed was another beaver creation:

It looked surprisingly large. There were stumps and dead trees in the water, evidence that this was indeed a beaver pond:

But then we retraced our steps to the main trail and continued on toward the trail head:

As soon as the dogs were all happily back in the car, I snapped one last photo and we began the drive home, where little old PeeWee was waiting for us:

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