Monday, October 6, 2014

Chickens, Pigeons And Flowers

The hay is all in for the winter, lined up in three rows close to the barn for easy access during the heavy snow season. The chickens love to walk across the tops of the bales, eating hay seeds and getting a panoramic view of the area:

And they also love to inspect the lawn for bugs and other edible treats. In fact, they spend most of every day doing so:

The Rose Mallows put on a spectacular display, looking all the more wonderful with the neighbors' barn and horses as a backdrop. Unfortunately, an early freeze put a sudden stop to all that blooming, soon after this picture was taken:

My little Tree Hydrangea also put on a grand display, its flowers turning quite pink:

And one day I walked out the door and saw four Fantail Pigeons outside, enjoying the milk room roof. They've been coming and going quite boldly ever since:

Inside the barn, the pigeons live a happy, well fed life:

They like to peck around the ground for grit:

And they are now using the tree branch perch I made for them just outside their window:

A nest of two more babies was produced, bringing my total flock now to eight pigeons:

Mom seems to do most of the egg sitting, but it is Dad, pictured here, who seems to do most of the feeding of the babies:

Baby pigeons grow at an astounding rate and were hopping around, examining their world, in record time:

Late one afternoon, I went into the barn to close their window and get ready for nighttime. But this youngster flew out onto the windowsill, refusing to be locked up yet. I had to come back later to finish:

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