Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Great Weighing O' The Pumpkins

I was at the Giant Pumpkin Festival (see yesterday's post) and all the time I was there, I noticed huge pumpkins being hauled back and forth on pallets:

I soon discovered that they were bringing them, one at a time, into the commercial building to be officially weighed:

The tractor brought a new pumpkin over to the barn, where the forklift lifted it with straps and carried it in to be weighed. While the pumpkin was on the scale, the tractor returned the most recently weighed pumpkin and brought over a new one. It was quite an operation:

They saved the biggest pumpkins for last:

The winner, the biggest by far, officially weighed 1018 pounds:

This was the winning pumpkin's grower, posing beside his prized produce with his son:

When all the pumpkins were weighed, they were set outside with their weight and growers' names attached. Lots of families were taking photos with the giant pumpkins:

And giant they were indeed:

The second place pumpkin weighed 698 pounds:

625 pounds:

554 pounds:

484 pounds. But it was time for me to head for home. I never got to see the prizes awarded for biggest and ugliest pumpkins, and I never got to see the giant pumpkin drop. Well, there's always next year:

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