Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Autumn Color On Route 56 Sevey Corners And Colton

The dogs and I had just finished three short trails (see previous five posts) and were back in the car, headed for home on State Route 56. The autumn color along the way was once again so magnificent that I grabbed my camera to share some of it with you:

The big trees here were green but the shrubby growth was red and orange:

And individual trees stood out like flames amidst the green:

Deep, ruby red behind a marshy area:

As brilliant as if they were lit from the inside:

More magnificence:

A forest of color, set off behind the green which was closer to the road:

Autumn color around a pond:

A mixture of colors:

Hardwood color in front of green pines:

Another pond, surrounded by color:

And an extensive marsh, backed up by colorful autumn forest. But we were on our way home, so I put my camera away and concentrated on my driving:

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