Friday, October 3, 2014

Floodwood Loop Trail, From Middle Pond To Floodwood Pond

My recent hike on the Floodwood Loop Trail was so pleasant that I returned to try it again, this time from an alternate trail head. I parked the car, let the dogs out and entered a magnificent forest:

The trail was easy walking and beautiful. The dogs must have liked it too, for they ran and played with great enthusiasm:

Much of the forest floor was carpeted with emerald moss. Seamus and Fergus held still momentarily, just long enough for me to snap a photo:

The trail took us around and to the south of Middle Pond, a magnificent sight:

And then we continued southward through the forest, in search of Floodwood Pond:

Floodwood Pond is very large, but one can only see parts of it because of its convoluted shoreline. But it had sandy shores which were just right for dogs to play in the water:

We followed the shoreline around to a large rock. Clover and Daphne climbed up on the rock and Seamus continued splashing in the water:

But this was to be only a short hike and I was feeling run down, so we turned back toward the car, enjoying the big trees along the trail as we went:

I set Daphne up on a mossy log for a photo and Clover jumped up to join her:

We were a happy procession as we made our way along the trail and beneath the big trees:

The dogs behaved fairly well. When I thought they'd gone too far ahead, I'd simply give them a call and they came running. I imagine that they covered ten times the distance I walked:

It didn't take long to get back to the car and the dogs were as happy to hop back in as they were to get out. I was feeling better by then and decided to try another short hike, just up the road. But I'll post about that tomorrow:

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