Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hiking The Long Pond Canoe Carry - Part 1

We'd just finished hiking a small portion of the Floodwood Loop trail and I drove farther up Floodwood Road to see about possibly hiking another short trail. We crossed the railroad tracks and parked by St. Regis Canoe Outfitters:

I let the dogs out of the car. They were enthusiastically greeted by a large group of school kids and then we entered the forest, after which we never saw another person:

We proceeded through the deep forest until we entered this clearing, a beaver marsh:

The dogs were excited and ran ahead to explore everything:

As for me, I held still and enjoyed the wild, Adirondack beauty:

We followed a boardwalk across the beaver marsh:

Past the beaver dam:

And then the dogs got to splash around a bit in the beaver pond:

But this was not our destination, so we continued on along the trail:

We passed through a variety of forest types:

Daphne was having a grand time:

And then we arrived at our destination, Long Pond. It was quite unspoiled and wild, but with very little access to the water. So I briefly enjoyed its beauty and then turned back toward the car. But I'll post about the return trip tomorrow:

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