Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Leisurely Life Of Household Pets

I've accumulated more pet photos since the last house pet themed blog post. When I took a closer look at them, I realized that every one of them was of pets sleeping or just lounging around. This picture was special because it showed PeeWee on the dog beds with the other dogs, a rare sight:

Bramble, Daphne and Clover on one of the fleecy dog beds - a recurring theme:

Daphne and Fergus, head to head, as close as brother and sister:

Fergus and Bramble. I have noticed that Bramble likes dogs better than he likes cats - and much more than he likes people:

A dog pile in the living room where they could watch me at the computer:

Upstairs in the designated cat room, Georgette has taken a liking to the foam cat cubes. She has a special trick, though, where she rolls them over while inside them so that the hole faces the floor. She feels safe and unwatched that way. Nearly every morning lately, I have to rotate her cube right side up:

The "Silly Sisters," Daphne and Clover:

And Snoozey, all alone:

Clover, Snoozey and Bramble:

Another dog pile, this one at the foot of the stairs by the front door:

Little PeeWee went through a spell where he didn't want to stay in his dog beds, but preferred to sleep on the floor. I don't know why, but he does seem to be over it now:

Seamus seems to enjoy being a big, fluffy, soft dog bed and pillow:

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