Saturday, November 1, 2014

Random Shots From Around The Farm

We've now moved into November and I thought it was time for a collection of photos from autumn on the farm. This first picture is of four fantail pigeons at their open window and outdoor perch, with one lone hen at her little entrance door at the bottom right. The chickens are out all day long but can return to the barn for food and water whenever they like:

And two more pigeons, immediately after I opened their window in the morning. The sun was streaming in from the east and lighting up the north field:

Speaking of morning sun, here is the view to the west from my porch. The dawn's rosy sun was lighting up the neighbor's soybean field and the forest beyond:

The morning sun was also lighting up the trees to the north of my house:

I returned home from a hike one day to find this road killed deer on my lawn. I got out the tractor, rolled the corpse into the bucket, hauled it off to the woods and dumped it in some brush. It was sad, of course, but also urgent that I find some natural way to dispose of it. It's a darn good thing I had the tractor available:

Four of the fantail pigeons (and sometimes five) have been enjoying the freedom to go outdoors whenever they felt so moved. It's good for them to get the fresh air, sun, grit and dust baths:

I took this photo from inside the barn, looking out their open window toward the house. They sure look like they're living the good life, don't they?

And there was one last baby pigeon this autumn. Here it is at about one week old:

Two rival gangs? The poultry version of "West Side Story?" The pigeons and chickens seem to get along well enough, but they stay in their own little gangs:

A rooster and hen pecked around the base of the last Phlox of the season. They also ate lots of windfall apples:

It's a pleasant experience to walk out my door and see these friendly, attractive birds in the driveway:

These are the five chickens hatched this summer. They have been fully integrated into the older flock and all live together, but the youngsters stay together in their own little flock when outdoors:

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