Monday, November 3, 2014

The Magical Golden Light Of Autumn - Part 1

Our gorgeous autumn colors were mostly spent, and everything was drab and dreary. Then we had four days of warm weather, followed by a day of rain. The forests seemed to miraculously turn golden, as if lighted from within. I figured this exceptional beauty would be short lived, so I jumped in the car for a quick photographic driving tour. I began on Converse Road, at this family farm:

The woods along both sides of the road were gold and yellow and red:

I turned down the hill into the small, town park and found this lovely sight, a tributary making its way to the grand St. Regis River:

The Fort Jackson Town Park was beautiful, with several small lanes such as this one, leading off into mysterious places:

I drove slowly through the park, enjoying the autumn color:

This picnic table and firebox for cooking looked inviting:

I returned to Converse Road and continued my driving tour, stopping at this almost hidden hay field, surrounded by woodlands in full autumn dress:

This corner of a hidden field was especially colorful:

A small corn field, also almost hidden and surrounded by trees:

The colors seemed to intensify as I drove, and this stone wall made for nice picture:

Another small hay field, surrounded by autumn color and with tractor tire tracks across its surface. I was almost to the State Forest and fully intended to turn in there for more golden leaves. But I'll post about that tomorrow:

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