Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Discovering A New Museum In Westville, New York

I decided to visit a local museum on one autumn afternoon and drove to the tiny settlement of Westville, in Franklin County. The property sat on the scenic banks of the Salmon River:

It was a brand new facility, and they were holding an open house and dedication that day:

I discovered a long table inside with lots of people there for the dedication and to enjoy the food which was offered. But I was there to see the displays, so I began with this exhibit of old time kitchen wares:

There were lots of pots, pans and kitchen utensils:

And a 1952 Raytheon television which had been discovered in the attic of an abandoned house:

This old cabinet radio must have been from the 1930s:

Old books, flags and a tea/coffee set:

A thirteen star American flag, old quits and miscellaneous cloth goods:

There was a military room, with assorted mementos of past wars:

And a World War II uniform:

Lots of old kitchen goods, such as the percolator, mixer and egg slicer. There were also a number of old flatirons. I did not join the good folks for dinner but thanked them, took my leave and began the drive home:

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