Saturday, November 15, 2014

Elmer Road In Moira, New York - Part 1

I found myself in the tiny settlement of Lawrenceville one cloudy afternoon and decided to take a driving tour of a local, rural road on my way home. I got out my map and noticed Elmer Road, just over the line in Franklin County. It was a small road and very rural, filled with barns, crop fields and livestock:

I passed this handsome herd of Blank Angus:

And spectacular old barns:

Hay bales, wrapped in netting for the winter:

I drove through lovely pine forests:

And past hay fields, backed up by woodlands:

Even the Beech trees had, by then, dropped their leaves, but the Aspens were still golden and provided a nice contrast against the green pines:

I passed more hay fields:

And a few homes, this one with a garage built of logs:

And an entire home built of logs, bordered by an old fashioned, split rail, cedar fence. But there was still more to see on Elmer Road. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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