Monday, November 24, 2014

An Autumn Romp In The North Field

It was a surprisingly warm afternoon for a northern November, but I didn't have the energy for a real hike. As a compromise, I turned off the electric fence and took the dogs for a romp in the north field:

And I do mean romp. You can see them running, leaping and prancing:

The dogs were having a grand time:

Even Seamus worked up the steam to do a bit of running:

And Fergus frolicked to the point that his ears were flopping up and down:

I opened the gate so we could walk along the outside of the fence, the area I have to keep mowed. The old stone wall was on our other side:

There was a lovely vine in autumn finery, a Wild Clematis, also sometimes called Virgin's Bower. It was growing all over the stone wall and hiding the piles of junk from the previous owners:

But this was just a short adventure, so I turned around and began heading back toward the gate:

The dogs continued to investigate every sound and scent:

We took a detour of the scrap wood pile I've been making. This is the accumulation of old, rotten wood left around the farm. I have also filled several dumpsters full of trash which wouldn't rot and had them hauled away:

And then we retraced our steps, back across the field toward the barn and house. The cows ran to the fence to watch every move we made:

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