Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Golden Tamaracks And The St. Regis River

I was on my to visit the John Brown farm in Lake Placid, New York (tomorrow's post), but decided to take a scenic detour along the way. I turned onto Shanley Road when I saw the brilliant, golden yellow of the tamaracks:

The trees along Shanley Road often display brilliant autumn colors, but the hardwoods' glory days were in the past at this point. The tamaracks, however, were putting a wonderful show:

This road was so rural that it had a speed limit sign for ATVs. There were few houses, just lovely Adirondack scenery:

Everywhere I looked, I saw beauty:

It is at times such as this that I am grateful to be living in a place of such natural splendor:

At the end of Shanley Road, I turned onto South River Road to continue on to my destination. It too was a rural road, running alongside the St. Regis River. Small boats rested on the riverbank:

Floating docks had been pulled ashore for the winter and mountains formed a backdrop for this scenery:

There was only one classic, family farm, set far off the road, but it too was a scenic gem:

There were marshes along the road and, of course, more golden tamaracks:

South River Road had quite a few summer cottages and they, too were interesting:

By the end of the road, the St. Regis River had dropped down below me and lay shimmering in the autumn light:

I got back on the highway, but stopped one more time in order to get another good view of the St. Regis River. It was at the state boat launch site in the town of Santa Clara, a frequent stop on our way to and from the farm before my retirement. From there, I traveled directly to Lake Placid to see the John Brown farm, but I'll post about that tomorrow:

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