Tuesday, November 11, 2014

From Chateaugay To Malone, New York

I left the New York State Trout Hatchery (see yesterday's post) and began my drive home. I began in the town of Chateaugay, set on the high plains of Franklin County and chock full of dairy farms and windmills:

In the village of Chateaugay were plants making both McCadam and Cabot Cheese. Like I said, this was real dairy country:

I stopped at a farm store just to look around. They sold both brands of cheese, hardware, farm supplies and just about everything else:

Just outside the farm store was this old, abandoned house. It was so distinctive that I couldn't resist taking a photo of it. It would have made a great haunted house for Halloween, wouldn't it?:

I drove through the bustling village:

The main road through Chateaugay was Route 11, and it was busy. Tractor trailers roared through town, one after the other. The hotel had a sign advertising their home cooking and proclaiming that truckers were welcome:

The Catholic Church looked prosperous:

It was lunchtime when I arrived in Malone, and I couldn't resist stopping at Bokie's, an old fashioned drive-in restaurant:

Everything was pink (even the lines on the pavement) and chrome, with a 1950s theme:

The 1950s theme continued inside and the place was busy. I later learned that they would be closing for the season in two more days:

They had an ice cream counter and a full menu with a large variety of hamburgers and fries. I got a "Studebaker," a cheeseburger with barbecue sauce and bacon, and a pumpkin milk shake:

The owner walked around, making sure everyone was happy and making popcorn to keep those waiting for food contented. It was fun food and a fun atmosphere. It was no wonder the place was so popular. As for the calories and cholesterol, I tried not to think about that:

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