Friday, November 14, 2014

Around The Farm As Autumn Turns To Winter

Fergus, Clover and Daphne huddled together as the weather turned chilly:

All the autumn leaves are now gone, but I got one last photo before it was too late:

The fantail pigeons lost their baby but immediately started a new nest:

And they loved to go outdoors until it became too wintery and I sealed that window shut for the season:

The older chickens have been moulting in preparation for new feathers to keep them warm in the winter. The younger five birds have not moulted. Their feathers, after all, are only a few months old anyway:

Chilly winds and rains are common now, but the chickens continue to scratch and pick in the lawn, looking for goodies to eat:

And they are sure happy to be let out in the morning:

Little PeeWee now has to be carried in and out, but he's still happy and seems to be enjoying life:

One final rose bravely blossomed amongst the golden leaves and red rose hips:

I had lots of junk atop an old silo base which I didn't know what to do with. So I advertised these two junky old skylights as do-it-yourself cold frames for next spring on Craigslist. Two days later, they were gone. Some day, I hope to have all the junk around here cleaned up, but it may take quite a few more years because there is a lot of it:

The dogs and I all curl up for the night, as well as the occasional afternoon nap:

The Red Poll girls' appetites have increased greatly. I've put out hay for them and on really cold, damp nights, I leave the barn open so they can sleep inside. Usually, however, they stay outdoors anyway. When it gets colder, they will enjoy sleeping in the barn. I won't be so happy about it, however, because I'll have a lot of manure to clean up every morning:


  1. So sad to see fall come to an end. Hope your winter (and mine) aren't as severe as last year.


    1. Thank you. All our leaves are down now and everything is covered with frost this morning (and a dusting of snow). We all hope for an easier winter than last year.