Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Scenic Drive Home From Westville, New York

I had just toured the new Westville Museum and begun the thirty mile drive home when I came upon this scenic, old cemetery. I stopped for a closer look:

Most of the gravestones were from the early 1800s, so this cemetery had been there for nearly 200 years:

Behind the cemetery, I could see farm fields and an old barn:

But mostly, there was the lovely Salmon River, lined with trees in autumn foliage:

I left the cemetery and began the drive home, stopping only for a closer look at the remains of this old, stone house - and to buy a sandwich for lunch at a local store:

When I arrived home, I took note of the rural beauty which surrounds me every day. My little bantams scratched in the driveway and the neighbors' horses and cattle grazed in the pasture across the road. It had been a good morning of autumn scenery and friendly people. I have found a good place to enjoy my retirement:

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