Monday, November 17, 2014

On A Chilly November Morning

My mornings have started earlier each day since we moved into Daylight Savings Time. This morning was cold and I was so early that the cows were nowhere yet in sight. So I rang the cowbell and then turned my eyes to the east to savor the glorious colors of dawn:

Turning more toward the southeast, the colors were still vibrant, with rays of the dawning sun streaking through them:

 I turned toward the west. It was more lightly colored, but the hay bales were tinged with a rosy red and the sky was as blue and pink as baby blankets:

 Then the cattle came into view, ambling casually across the south field:

I gave them their morning grain and then shooed them out of the barn. I try to get them back outside as quickly as possible in order to limit the amount of manure I have to clean up. The stock tank had been kept warm overnight and they crowded around to get a morning drink. It was a beautiful morning, and reminded me of why I am here and not in a city:

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