Sunday, November 9, 2014

Rest And Relaxation

A quick review showed me that all the pet photos I had taken of the dogs and cats were of them resting and relaxing, living the good life. Well, those are the pictures I have, and that's how my pets spend most of their days. The first photo is of Daphne, Rocky and Clover on one of the fleecy dog beds in the farm house kitchen:

 Seamus and Fergus:

 Snoozey and Bramble:

 Bramble and Clover:

 Little old PeeWee, conked out beneath my computer:

 Daphne, Seamus, Clover and Fergus in a dog pile next to my computer chair:

 Clover, Bramble and Daphne:

 Clover, sound asleep:



 Clover, Seamus and Fergus:

 And Daphne. You can certainly tell where the dogs and cats most like to spend their time, can't you?:

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