Friday, November 28, 2014

The Village Of Burke, New York - Part 1

The man from whom I'd purchased the fantail pigeons called and asked if I'd like to have his last two pairs of birds, and I said that I would. So I drove to the little village of Burke to pick them up and decided to take a driving tour of Burke on the way home:

Burke is basically an intersection where two county roads cross. But there are a number of nice homes and a few small businesses. Mostly it is farm country:

I really liked this square log home. It reminded me of homes out west, especially in the Rockies:

There were plenty of horses:

There was a center of town, where the houses were much closer together than other places, but it was a small area:

There was one fine, old church:

And this, if I remember correctly what I was told, was an old fire station, used now only as a garage for a restored, antique fire engine:

Burke looked like a pleasant place to live and I guessed that most folks earned their livings in the comparatively "big city" of Malone:

Burke had a village market and gas station:

And Leo's Tavern:

This old colonial style home, up on a hill behind big Maple trees:

And a very tall water tower. But there was still more to see in the village of Burke. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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