Sunday, November 2, 2014

Update On The Red Poll Girls

I drove the tractor out into the pasture one day to check on the fence and, on my way back in, snapped this photo of the cattle, with the barn and house in the background. The barn and house on the left belong to the neighbors:

 The hay supply is in for the winter and the cows are sleek and fat. They too seem to be ready for winter. As for me, I'm not so sure I'm ready:

When the grass in the south field got too short, I moved them all into the north field. I figure that it feeds them while they spread "fertilizer" randomly across the field:

Rosella is not so little any more and she's developed her own, distinctive personality:

The cows had a lot more grass to eat in the north field and they sure looked good with the colorful autumn leaves in the background:

 All the cows except Scarlett, who calved in August, seem to be pregnant. And yes, those are chickens in the foreground. They run across the road to eat whatever the cattle drop or kick up with their hooves:

I carried bowls of grain out to the cows every morning and they sure seemed to appreciate them. In fact, they have become so tame that they're getting a bit bold and unafraid to get up close and personal. They're awfully big and powerful, so I exercise some caution around them:

I often feed the girls just as dawn's light falls across the field. It's a magnificent sight:

The cows come whenever I enter the field, hoping I'll have either grain or apples. In this case, I had neither and they were disappointed, You can see the "Harrumph" in Jasmine's face. She's the cow on the right:

Another shot of breakfast at dawn:

With the barn and the house in the background:

The girls stayed in the north field for a couple of weeks, and then I moved them back across the road, where they'll remain for the winter:

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