Monday, January 23, 2012

Spending A Little Time At Marcy Field

I've mentioned in the last several posts that my dogs were getting antsy for a rest stop. It's difficult to find a place in the wintertime, but when I drove past Marcy Field in the Keene Valley I saw that it was pretty much snow free and pulled in:

The dogs were ecstatic to be outdoors and running freely. They were having a wonderful time:

Little Clover tended to get too far away from me and had to be hollered at a few times. But she's young, so I expect she'll get the hang of it:

And even on Marcy Field there were "hot spots," places where the dogs found wonderfully fascinating smells to sniff. And furthermore, in their doggy belief system, it's best done as a communal activity:

Snow began falling lightly as the dogs trotted here and there, most of their wild running having ended:

Wally enjoys himself but tends to do so all alone. He's always been a little bit of a loner, but his failing eyesight has made it more difficult to keep up with the youngsters:

Winky is old too, but he can produce amazing bursts of speed when he's in the mood to do so. On this day he decided to run up and join the young Papillons:

I keep up a running conversation with Wally so he always knows where I am:

I called the dogs all back to the car, loaded them in and counted heads. It was time to finish our trip home:

But first - one last shot of the mountains surrounding Marcy Field, mostly shrouded in snow clouds on that chilly day. Then I got into the car and pointed it toward home:

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