Saturday, January 21, 2012

On The Road Toward Home

It had been a busy weekend at the farm for me. I'd hiked in the Brasher State Forest and taken driving tours of the towns of Bombay and Moira. But it was all too soon time to drive home. I stayed on the main roads fearing the back roads would be too slippery. Seamus, Fergus, Wally and Winky rode in the back of the car. Clover and Daphne rode with me in the front:

Route 458 was extraordinarily scenic, passing through spruce forests and bogs with Adirondack peaks always in the not too far distance:

And the next time I stopped was along Route 73 near the Cascade Lakes, where snowy cliffs abutted the road:

And there were more icy mountains rising up just across that narrow chain of lakes:

I was unable, due to unplowed snow, to drive down into the scenic shoreline park, but I certainly pulled off the road wherever I could to enjoy the beauty:

The Cascade Lakes are surely one of the most scenic places in the Adirondacks and I still remember the very first time I drove past them. I was awestruck - and still am whenever I drive that way:

The narrow road hugs the edge of the chain of lakes here and you can see the mountains rising up on each side of the valley. It really is spectacular:

But my six dogs had not yet had a rest stop and were getting anxious. Finding places to get off the road is difficult in the winter but I knew I'd have to find some place. I'll post about that tomorrow:

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