Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Driving Tour Of Moira, New York - Part 2

As I seemed to be approaching the town center of Moira, New York the houses became closer together. There was an interesting assortment of house types, most with a backdrop of Adirondack forest:

There were new houses and old houses, plain and fancy, small and large:

I'd been noticing that many of the rural mailboxes had large signs with Bible verses on them, most of a pejorative nature such as "The wages of sin are death." When I came upon this fundamentalist church I concluded that it was having a big influence on the local population:

I passed a rather large junk yard which seemed to be filled to overflowing:

The scrapyard had several entrance roads, all of them surrounded by piles of auto and truck parts:

And more houses of varying types. I found this one especially interesting and attractive:

Many homes appeared to have been farm homesteads before they became surrounded by town:

And some had left their lights on:

And what appeared to be a sort of coffee house/community center, apparently connected to the fundamentalist church I'd just passed:

Past a sign for Martin's Country Store:

And past an old fashioned feed mill and store called Dundee's. It was closed, possibly because it was New Years Day. I saw no signs that they were open for business at all any more but perhaps they just kept the place clean. I also saw no "For Sale" signs:

It was a large building in good shape. Maybe I'll be driving there some day to buy livestock feed:

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