Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beautiful, Rural Bombay, New York - Part 2

I was making a driving tour of the area northeast of my farm and focusing on Bombay, New York. I was just entering town and so far it looked like a pleasant place:

I saw one general store and someone was out front filling her gas tank as I passed by. I was in need of both gas and lunch but foolishly drove right on by. Little did I know how few and far between such stores were in that area:

As I entered what must have been the town center of Bombay, I found a Methodist church:

And a picturesque Catholic church:

But then I seemed to be out in farm country again:

More old barns, more firewood, more hay fields and corn fields:

And then the houses become closer together once again:

The Santa on this porch was turned with his face to the wall and back to the traffic. It looked to me like he was taking a pee:

This building looked like the town garage or perhaps a fire company, but the sign said "Bombay Food Pantry." That's all I know about it:

OK, now this was a REAL town center:

This was the town center, all right, but it also seemed to be the end of the town, at least insofar as my driving tour route:

I drove out of Bombay thinking it'd been a pleasant but not wealthy place, a bedroom community without any real business district. I was beginning to wish I'd stopped at Collette's 1 Stop but hoped I'd find similar stores on my way home. Just for the record - I never did:

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